The musette, a bag containing food and drink, has been a part of the peloton for as long as the sport of bicycle racing. 

It is handed out by a team’s soigneurs in designated feed zones. They are designed to be grabbed easily by passing riders, swung over the shoulder and their contents placed into jersey pockets or bottle cages. Perfect feed bag to hold bars, bottles, gels and rice cakes. 

The K3 musette is made with a lightweight polyester with a fine twill weave. The strap is a lightweight, strong and durable polyester webbing, semi-water resistant, absorbing very little moisture to help prevent mold, mildew or rot. A 1/2” diameter plastic snap keeps the contents in place during the hand out.

The K3 musette can be hand washed and is intended to be reused. Just fold it and slip it into you jersey pocket so it can be reused. Not too big and not too small. Enough room to fit two bottles, with bars and rice cakes.

Dimensions: 12” wide x 10” high with a 40” strap

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One K3 Musette

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