NCF Holders

Nylon Carbon Fiber

This new material is amazing. Nylon carbon fiber is an engineering grade nylon filament blended with carbon fibers, creating tough, shatter-resistant, functional parts.

As a result, you get a lighter frame number holder with stiffness, impact resistance and high tensile strength. 

The NCF line of K3 frame number holders will be 3D printed with this material. They will be designed for ease of use. Two versions will be offered for each seatpost. The SO, a slip-on and the BD, attaches with an elastic band. The slip-on is perfect for a race only bike. But if your training bike is also your race bike, then the BD is best since it can be removed very easily.

These components will have a fantastic matte black finish.

Our list of NCF holders available now.

Keep checking back. More models to follow.