Designed for the KTM Relevator seatpost. It is available in the LT version. Custom designed.

3D printed with engineering grade nylon carbon fiber. This new material is an amazing. The perfect blend of strength and durability. 

Matte black

Easy to install:
LT: Use the elastic band to keep it in place.

LT: 2.5 grams without bolt, nut or elastic band

Kit includes:
One K3 NCF KTM Relevator LT frame number holder
One 4mm socket head bolt
One #8 nylon lock nut
One elastic band

Spare parts:
For replacement nuts and bolts use the Next Gen Spare Nut Pack.
For replacement nut, bolt and bands use the Band Pack.

Tip: A word of caution when placing your bike on a roof rack with frame number attached.

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