NCF 31.6

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Custom designed for the 31.6mm seatpost. 
3D printed with engineering-grade nylon carbon fiber. The perfect blend of strength and durability. Super light weight.
Choose your model. The BD or the SO.

Matte black

Easy to Install:
BD: Use the elastic band to keep it in place.
: Just remove your seatpost and slip it on. The snug fit keeps it in place.

Kit includes:
One frame number holder
One 4mm stainless steel socket head bolt
One #8 stainless steel nylon insert lock nut (the nylon insert keeps the nut from vibrating loose, no need to over tighten).
One elastic band (BD only)

Spare parts:
For replacement nuts and bolts use the Next Gen Spare Nut Pack.
For replacement nut, bolt and bands use the Band Pack.

Pro Tip: 
word of caution when placing your bike on a roof rack with a frame number attached.

Mounting Instructions