Team Support

Custom-Designed Frame Number Holders for Pro Teams from Around the World.

We are keeping it simple.

K3 Pro Cycling Teams
We help those who help us. It's simple. We will provide products in exchange for logo placements on your website, fan email footer, and on all of your team's support vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, and buses). A team must provide all logo placements for consideration.

Throughout the year, we research UCI registered men's and women's teams to create a shortlist of teams to approach for the following year.

We begin to contact the teams we want to partner with in October. By the end of the year, all partnerships are finalized for the next racing season.

If you are interested, let us know. We will email you our proposal.

See who we have partnered with over the years, here.

Team Discount
If you have a team of ten or more, we can help you with a 20% discount.

This offer applies to pro teams, elite teams, club teams, national teams, collegiate teams, etc.

The only requirement is a ten holder minimum order of any combination (sale items, team packs, spare parts, and accessories are not eligible).

The discount code can be used throughout the year as many times as needed as long as the minimum order is met.

Use code Ten20 at checkout.